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MPM PERKASA is a manufacturing company for Pier Rubber Pads, Loading Dock Protectors, Pier Rubber Fenders, Rubber Fender V, Rubber Fender Cells, Rubber Fender Cone, Rubber Fender M, Rubber Fender D, Rubber Fender Square, Rubber Fender Cylinder, Bollard Pier.

We serve delivery throughout Indonesia.

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We serve the needs of Pier Bollards at Ports in various regions in Indonesia with quality and competitive prices.

Ship Bollard Type

Bollards as cast iron moorings are used in docks as a component of mooring ropes when ships are docked. There are three types of pier bollards that we produce.

There are dozens of models of ship bollards around the world. Currently, what we are selling because there are many interested parties, there are 3 types of pier bollard models.

The capacity of the bollards we sell ranges from 3 tons for tourist boats to 500 tons for large-bodied vessels such as tankers.

This capacity is not the weight of the bollard when weighed. The capacity in question is the tensile strength of the ship's weight in tons (indicated on the top of the bollard).

For illustration only. Bollard ship with a capacity of 25 tons Harbor model has a weight of 300 kg.

If you calculate the shipping costs to the city of Pontianak, it's around 2000. So it's still quite affordable by the funds.

We will describe all the models in the sub -sections below.

1. Bollard Type Bitt

The bollard of the Bitt type ship is straight like the letter I. This model is suitable for docks where the position is not exposed to strong winds and high waves.

Kual bollard ship type bitt 

Sell ​​Bollard Ship Type Bitt / Pawn 

The reason is because these conditions can affect the motion of the ropes that are moored on the bollard due to the motion of the ship against the surrounding weather.

2. Bollard Tipe Harbour

Harbor or curve type bollards when viewed from above will be triangular in shape. This type of bollard is effective for tethering the ship's rope so it doesn't come off because of the rope's motion caused by the ship's motion.

Selling Harbor Type Bollard

3. Bollard Tipe Tee

The tee-type bollard has a good head shape to hold the knots of anchored boats tied. Can function properly at any required degree angle

Selling Tee Type Bollar 

Tee Bollard Specifications and Capacity 

Tee Bollard 10 Ton - 15 Ton

Tee Bollard 15 Ton - 25 Ton

Tee Bollard 30 Ton - 50 Ton

Tee Bollard 50 Ton - 80 Ton

Tee Bollard 75 Ton - 100 Ton

Tee Bollard 100 Ton - 150 Ton

Tee Bollard 150 Ton - 200 Ton

How to install a bollard on a pier

Curve-type Port Bollard

Installation of ship bollards depends on the designation. On the newly built wharf, the installation starts from the anchors that have been installed on the bollard and then placed on the iron wicker which is connected to the main concrete structure of the pier.

As for the replacement of the ship's bollard, it needs to be adjusted to the old bollard anchor hole with the new bollard anchor hole.

The goal is that the old bollard anchor if it is still in good condition can be used again.

Angkur Bollard Ship

MPM RUBBER can serve the purchase of anchors for ship bollards.

Usually the dock that relocates the dock will move the fenders and bollards.

Because it requires a fast completion of work, it was decided to buy a new anchor so that it can be installed directly without dismantling the old anchor.

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Mahameru Putra Mandiri Perkasa (MPM Perkasa) is a company engaged in the construction rubber industry and port accessories. We produce all kinds of rubber products with various quality materials and competitive prices.

Produk yang kami tawarkan mulai dari rubber fenderrubber fender vrubber fender drubber fender mrubber fender cellrubber fender conerubber fender cylinderrubber fender squarebantalan jembatan / elastomeric bearing padrubber sheetkaret bumper, pelindung loading dockasphaltic plug binderdeck drain cast iron jembatanfrontal frame fenderbollard dermaga, bitt bollard dermagacurve bollard dermagapier bollard teesexpansion joints (dilated rubber)  to  galvanized anchor bolts .

All of our products have a good reputation which is widely proven in producing products with quality rubber materials and are worthy of testing.

We also provide replacement services for elastomeric bearing pads or bridge bearing rubbers, rubber fenders and expansion joints.

Mahameru Putra Mandiri Perkasa always strives to provide the best service for consumers.

Account Account in the name of the Company (not in the name of a person). Thus ensuring the security of every transaction with consumers.

Information and request for the best price quote contact us:

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-Dawn Achmadi-

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